We understand that you may have questions about Gym Rescue Marketing and our health club, fitness center and martial arts promotional campaigns. Here are a few of the typical questions and concerns gym owners have. Please feel free to call 1-844-417-7217 if you have any additional questions. We would be glad to answer them and talk to you about how our services can benefit  your club. We have years of gym ownership’s, operating, and marketing experience that may come in hand for you.


Instead of price based marketing, our health club marketing campaigns focus on selling the benefits of your gym and dramatically raising your EFT draft during a 3–5 week period, not selling a low priced membership. Our marketing programs have been specifically designed to create a large influx of members from the de-conditioned market, all with one goal for your health club: RAISING YOUR MONTHLY EFT’s $4,000 – $15,000 for the up to the next two years.

At Gym Rescue Marketing we use a large variety of means from Social Media Advertising to Direct Mail to generate the prospective member traffic all based on market research and your area. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN A ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH. You have to know who you are marketing to and how to get them in through the door. With any of our methods, we focus on the benefits a healthy lifestyle and exercise can provide person, not a price or bait and switch marketing; this selling formula along with our marketing methods is how we can raise a club’s EFT base from $4,000 – $15,000 a month without any financial risk to a health club.

As testament to our results and professionalism, we maintain an extensive REFERENCE LIST.


Your fitness club does not need to be 50,000 sq/ft or have every amenity possible to be a profit making machine. Whether your gym is small circuit club, medium 24-Hour Key card club, or a large full service gym, we have a membership promotion for you!

We conduct our highly successful promotions in gyms of all types, sizes, and varying market areas as well. The key to this is how you sell your memberships, focusing on the benefits of a facility instead of the price, and how you approach any market, not relying on the same old strategy, but using marketing methods based upon each individual facility and market.

At Gym Rescue Marketing, we specialize in going after that hard to reach couch potato market who normally would not step foot into a health club no matter how you try to attract this person to your gym. To do this Gym Rescue Marketing uses a large variety of methods we have spent years developing, tweaking, and perfecting for use in our health club marketing campaigns. Read below to find out how our use of Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, texting, telemarketing, direct mail, radio advertising, viral marketing, and more can raise you fitness centers EFT base from $4,000 – $15,000 a month in just 3–5 weeks.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing for your Gym

More and more people use the social media to find information about products, services, and yes……EVEN GYM MEMBERSHIPS! Between Facebook, Instagram, Click Funnels, Landing Pages, Blogs, and website optimization of your current website (or if you do not have an website, we will build you one), Gym Rescue Marketing is here to help. From your amenities to services offered, Gym Rescue Marketing can help give you a new avenue to your community from the internet. Remember, don’t use your website for only new members, but an effective tool to let your current membership base know what is happening within the club. Because if your web site is not attracting members, it’s not really doing much for your gym. Let us take your internet presence to the next level.

Direct Mail for your Gym

Direct Mail can be a wonderful tool for any fitness center, martial arts gym or health club; if it is setup to create the correct response. We use a large variety of highly specific direct mail pieces that generate the best responses within the health club industry. Depending on your health club’s specific circumstances (demographics, competition, market trends, prices, etc.) we will design a specific marketing card for your facility. Because of our contacts within the industry we receive prices well below what a facility would normally pay. Once our program is finished we will pass this contact on to you, so you can keep a steady traffic flow coming into your health club with a marketing strategy for the whole year. There are many companies out there that sell direct mail to health clubs and companies that use direct mail to market health clubs, but the question becomes; Do these companies only focus or do they target every aspect of your mark like us? Not just one advertising medium, but a multi tiered marketing approach.

Additionally, one big difference in Gym Rescue Marketing and other marketing companies is the cost of the mail used inside our marketing campaigns. Because we mail 100,000+ postcards a week, we get mail at a steeply discounted price, usually $0.248 – $0.293 depending on the piece, for large full color glossy cards. 

Corporate Memberships & Business to Business Prospecting for your Gym

We have had great success over the years targeting businesses for corporate memberships. Many times these corporate membership programs can create 50-100 members from just one company! Often time’s health clubs only think of large corporations when trying to work out membership programs with businesses, overlooking those small and medium sized businesses. Gym Rescue Marketing has spent many years developing a great system to get into these businesses with between 15 – 150 employees and turn those employees into new members! We do not wait for members to come to us; instead we get out there and make it happen. We are going to small, medium, and large businesses, creating long term membership programs for your health club. With the new connections Gym Rescue Marketing makes within your area, your health club will receive members from these businesses for years to come.

Newspaper Advertising for your Gym

Have you ever run ads in your local newspaper? Did you get 50 new members off of any one ad? Well, the ads we normally run have been proven successful all around the country and generate an amazing response not typically seen by most health clubs. Wouldn’t it be nice to run a few newspaper ads and gain 75-150 new members for free? Let us help you do that by reaching those members who normally would not step foot into your health club. Just think of us as your free advertising. 

Radio and TV Advertising for your Gym

Our radio advertisements are very different from the ones you have heard used in the past for health clubs. We use spots specifically designed for immediate reaction. This leads to 50-100 new leads a day during a promotion. As with any form of marketing it is not just the response created, but the sales made after the response. With a typical close ratio of 75%, these 50-100 new leads can mean a dramatic increase in your monthly dues in just a few short days! 

Highly specific television spots can garner anywhere from 10-50 responses run. This large response leads to more tours within your facility and more memberships sold. As a result of this visual exposure, many times this also leads to a better response on our other marketing materials out in the community. This is why Gym Rescue Marketing uses many means to market health clubs instead of just focusing on one form.  

Telemarketing for your Gym

Often overlooked is direct contact advertising. Gym Rescue Marketing uses a highly targeted form of telemarketing to contact both residents and businesses with an enthusiastic voice on the other end of the line to get the couch potato market into your health club. This, get out there and grab them form of marketing is highly effective and will help us generate another 250-1500 members for your health club. On each call a person is greeted, told about all your gym’s amenities and offer a chance to reach their goals. They come in looking to try your gym out (20 – 50 a day) and we turn between 75% – 85% of the prospects into new EFT members. With all our telemarketing campaigns we stay Do-Not-Call List compliant and make sure your business is represented with unmatched professionalism.

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