Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions regarding Gym Rescue Marketing and our health club promotional campaigns. Here are a few of the typical questions and concerns gym owners have. Please feel free to call 1-844-417-7217 if you have any additional questions or concerns. We would be glad to answer them and talk to you about anything with your club, we have years of health club ownerships, operating, and marketing experience that may come in handy for you.

What will an Gym Rescue Marketing Promotion Cost Me?

Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. There is no out of pocket expense or cost to conduct the membership promotion. We invest all the money necessary to start and run the marketing campaign and Gym Rescue Marketing is paid solely on performance through membership sales we generate. This means if we do not raise any money, we do not get paid. We only win if you win. THERE IS NO FINANCIAL RISK TO THE CLUB.

Most marketing companies sell low priced discounted memberships. Does GRM do this?

NO. We do not use major price discounting, and sometimes we even raise your health clubs price. As you know, a large draft line is the key to this business, and GRM specializes in selling EFT memberships. The stability and consistent income created by a guaranteed draft line for the next two years can help with improving your health club and covering your over head.

A lot of health club marketing companies charge fees to just do the promotion, does Gym Rescue Marketing do this too? 

NO. We do not believe in capitalizing or taking advantage of a club looking for help by charging “promotional fees”, “office costs”, or “administrative fees” just because we are conducting a promotion. We only get paid on the memberships we generate and for the work we do. We do not charge fees and costs just because we can. WE ONLY MAKE MONEY IF YOU MAKE MONEY

Who will handle the traffic generated through the promotion?

We will. We understand you have enough on your plate and we understand that a large membership drive can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task to undertake. Our professional staff will take care of all the work during the promotion so your club can operate as normal throughout the whole campaign. 

Also, while your GRM team is at your health club, they will be working with you and your staff on the most effective techniques to increase sales, member retention, personal training profit, and ultimately your revenue.

What happens with my current members and customers?

They continue to stay your members and potential members. We do not sell to your walk-ins or current members. Many health club marketing companies want to sell or add time onto your current members as well as all the new traffic that comes into your club. The whole time our marketing campaign is going on, your business continues as normal. You need to keep your income coming in while our program is conducted, we understand that. We want to help your business, not hurt it. If we do not have a part in creating the traffic, we do not want the sale. You keep your walk-in traffic and sales.

Will Gym Rescue Marketing help to ensure the health club marketing campaign helps my business, not hinder it?

Our goal with any marketing campaign is to help, NOT HURT. As club owner I know the value of a good reputation and name within the community. We don’t send in sleazy high pressure sales people who will make potential customers mad and cast a negative light on your facility. Instead we send in highly professional sales people with a fitness background who are looking to help people, not just make a buck. We will treat your club and members as if they were our own. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity in every aspect of our fitness promotions. WE DO NOT HARD SELL.

What can I expect after a Gym Rescue Marketing Promotion?

Most club owners worry that after a full scale health club marketing campaign their market will be “dead”. This is not the case. Our campaigns do not create long term market disruption, and because of the buzz that gets created within the community by our marketing campaigns, most gyms experience a dramatic increase in your add-ons, referrals, personal training sales, upgrades, supplement sales, and overall profit. We want to make sure your club keeps the momentum going forward for a long time to come and we actually promote most places once to twice a year, seeing the same result each time.

What if the promotion does not does not make money?

If we do not generate enough money through our promotion to pay the expenses, it still costs your health club nothing. There is no risk or financial expense for a health club to conduct an GRM promotion, whether we generate members or do not. NO FINANCIAL RISK TO YOU OR YOUR CLUB.

But my Market is different.

We have heard this so many times over the years. Whether you have new competition, believe your club is lacking, or have tried to market your club before, we can help! Because we use a variety of time proven methods that are structured specifically for your gym and market, our system has been successful in health clubs and markets of all sizes. If you still believe your health club is the exception, give us a call and talk to a representative about why you think your market posses a unique challenge for us; we love a challenge by the way. And if nothing else, our program costs you nothing and you might just be surprised with the results!