5 Free ways to get New Gym Members and keep your existing ones

Whether you’re a one-person operation or heavily-staffed fitness center, ongoing improvement is essential for your gym. While consistency is key, businesses do not remain static. Your gym is either on its way up and forward or spiraling downward and failing. Making steady improvements to increase efficiency and improve your gym is a key choice. Be mindful to target the right areas of your gym that will make the largest impact and time management is also something to keep in mind.

These 5 tips will help you focus on areas of improving your gym that offer the largest gains.

1. Create a social community
One of the most audience-centric ways to promote your gym online is by cultivating a community. This can be accomplished by creating a group on Facebook and other social media platforms, or even through your social media channels by regularly starting conversations with followers. As part of your online presence, it’s important to optimize your gym for local search so it can be found seamlessly. Be personable and responsive

2. Set Goals for your Gym
Like keeping score, setting goals and objectives is an essential part of your gym’s success. Set goals and use them as an ongoing planning tool to ensure you continue to move ahead in your gym. Make sure the goals you set are are more than realistic. Even if they are unrealistic and benefit the gym.

3. Stay in the know with what’s trending in the Gym Industry
No gym operates like a vacuum. The changes and events pose large impact on your fitness center. Constantly monitor trends and issues happening in the fitness industry and your local community.

4. Share success stories
This not only motivates your current membership base, but also serves as motivation for prospective gym users alike. Allowing your target audience to view videos or testimonies creates excitement and anticipation. It also reduces the fear of failure for most novice gym goers.

5. Host a weight loss challenge
It’s easy to come up with a new years resolution. Finding a place to commit will enable your current membership base to reach their goals and also targets non-members to start getting motivated. When it comes to a weight loss challenge you don’t just have to limit it to your members. Allow your challenge to be available for everyone for a fee. You can give current gym members a discount since they will be paying extra to be part of the challenge. It would be a good idea to include meal plans as well.

Running your gym can be a big task at times, but as the saying goes, “consistency is key” think of it in terms of meaningful, achievable steps you can take. Business improvement is a way of life for succeeding.